What is LMS? Why might it be a good idea for your company?


What is LMS Why might it be a good idea for your company

What is LMS? Why might it be a good idea for your company?

In a period where technological advances do not stop, more and more companies are choosing to train their employees on online platforms instead of face-to-face classes and the LMS is the most suitable and accessible style for that!

LMS is that the abbreviation for Learning Management System or Learning Management System , in Brazil also known by some as AVA, Virtual Learning Environment.

Another widely used term like LMS is distance learning platform or EAD platform.

But what is an LMS system exactly? What does it offer to companies? How to apply?

What is an LMS system?

In practice, LMS is software aimed toward creating, organizing and managing online courses and training.

What is LMS Why might it be a good idea for your company

Both people trying to find platforms to sell their courses and people trying to find platforms to support training for his or her company find within the LMS an excellent solution.

In the latter case, it’s possible to make personalized courses for the company’s needs and assess the performance of employees through real-time indicators.

As the LMS is based on digital technologies, it is common to offer several learning and learning management features that are not found in face-to-face teaching.

Furthermore, using online learning management systems can reduce the time and cost required to train employees, which is good for the company and the team.

What are its features?

Just as there are many types of LMS systems, there are many features contained in them. Some are important to any business, while others serve more specific needs.

Know some:

Content hosting : in addition to allowing the creation of personalized courses, an EAD system allows the upload of various types of useful content for employees to learn;

Forums : most LMS systems provide forums where questions can be asked, including an online advisor;

Gamification : makes training more dynamic and fun, drawing the attention of employees and increasing their engagement;

Performance indicators : it is possible to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the applied course becomes much easier;

Tests: after applying a content, employees undergo knowledge tests to confirm that they understand the subject.

What is LMS Why might it be a good idea for your company

Why is LMS an honest idea for corporate environments?

In addition to the features we’ve introduced, LMS intended for corporate contexts have some special advantages.

The first one is the integration with HR systems. The LMS allows for an entire management of the professional profile of employees, allowing the assignment of learning paths in order that professionals reach the specified competences.

In addition, the LMS is an alternate that reduces costs of travel, infrastructure and therefore the hiring of specialised personnel. Thus, if the user can access the courses anywhere that has internet, he will be able to access them in his work environment.

Therefore, mobility is also an advantage: in addition to not interrupting employees’ working hours, teams from around the world can be trained simultaneously, which is very useful for companies with headquarters in several states or with many departments.

But how do I choose the right LMS for my company?

With so much diversity in the features of this software, you certainly want to find the LMS that is right for your business. See, below, the main points that you should analyze when hiring the ideal platform.

Know your demand

The first point in choosing the LMS is knowing honestly what you are going to use it for. While one company may need the capability to analyze employee performance and manage talent, another may only need it to conduct training.

Set all the goals you would like to realize .

Get to know the company’s experience

It is important to observe the time to market, researching who are the customers who have already used the tools of the company you intend to hire. After this first filtering, it is possible to check each of the possibilities and the quality of care. After all, it will be the team of this organization that will help your team, in case of hiring.

Look for an easy and intuitive interface

As we pointed out, training has two stages: its development and its application to employees. The importance of a pleasant layout and an interface that facilitates the development of courses is fundamental. This optimizes productivity from a design perspective and increases buy-in and engagement on the other hand.

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