How an LMS can revolutionize your business


How an LMS can revolutionize your business

Do you have problems maintaining the standard of quality of care or services that your team provides? Are the cost and lack of availability of professionals for training hindering your company’s performance? These are some of the problems that can be solved through an LMS (English, “Learning Management System”) platform.

Corporate education and business knowledge management are points that make an absolute difference for your business to have a successful future. Curious to find out more?

LMS, which in Portuguese means “Learning Management System”, is a platform that can organize and make your content available in an easy and interactive way for whoever you want: employees, franchisees, suppliers and even customers who want to make the most of the products or services purchased. To learn more about what an LMS is, visit this link .

Below, learn about some of the benefits that a platform like this can bring to your company.


How an LMS can revolutionize your business

LMS improves the expansion process

Expansion is an indication of success and also an indication that there is a lot of work ahead. It represents the arrival of new people, many of whom are still in their first contact with the company and need appropriate training to maintain a good level of products and services. With an LMS, you will make room for new partners, whether they are franchisees, employees, or any other public that is part of your company, to carry out and review matters whenever necessary. This saves costs and time, eliminating the need for a training team to travel frequently.

Thus, the LMS facilitates the training of all people involved and simplifies the logistical processes that could hamper the operation.

Facilitates the recycling of professionals

It’s not just new employees and partners who need training. To maintain quality standards, even people who have been with the company for a long time must keep in constant development and updating. Through an LMS, the content will always be available to help with this maintenance and recycling of the professionals who make up the company.

Increases corporate credibility

A personalized platform, which communicates information in an interactive and efficient way while displaying the business’s visual identity, will show how corporate education is taken seriously and how the company is absolutely prepared to grow and take higher and higher flights. In the case of a Franchisor, for example, this is an excellent argument for the Franchisee candidate to feel secure in relation to all the necessary training after acquiring a unit, to make it profitable as quickly as possible!

Integrates the components of the company

The LMS is not simply a platform for displaying training content. It can go even further, opening up the possibility of contact between  LMS system users, to interact with each other and also with instructors, providing that their doubts are discussed among everyone and resolved.

This increases integration and contact between the team, bringing together new and old members who may be miles apart, being a very important factor for companies that want to expand without losing their essential cultural characteristics.

5 myths or truths about distance education

You may have a lot of doubts about distance education, don’t you?

In recent years, the modality has been winning the market and becoming more and more essential. User experience has been a big factor for companies to change the face-to-face model landscape.

How an LMS can revolutionize your business

So, let’s clear up the doubts. We have separated 5 myths or truths about distance education that may be of concern to you:

  1. Does education demand little from the learner?

Myth: Even with flexible schedules, it is necessary for people to have a responsible and autonomous attitude to learn LMS significantly with distance education. Gamification models are developed already thinking about how to increase the engagement and not just leave the responsibility to the users.

  1. Does distance education facilitate people’s routine?

Truth: With distance education, it is possible to reconcile work routine and duties with training. Having more flexible time and space, it is feasible to conduct training at times that best fit your availability. This is a very significant advantage for those who cannot go to the training site and also reduce logistics costs.

  1. Is the quality inferior?

Myth: Training may vary from institution to institution. Distance education has the same quality and importance as face-to-face teaching. There are many possibilities to increase engagement and interaction through forums, videos, reviews, games, activities that vary the level of complexity and moments of synchronous communication where the collaborator can answer questions.

  1. Is the certificate not valued the same as in person?

Myth: This is one of the main myths related to distance education. The certificate has the same value as a person in person. The real importance is in fact in the competences developed during the course and how they will be applied in the workday.

  1. Are the values ​​more affordable?

Truth: Values ​​are more accessible because you don’t use an installation. The trainings are digitally replicated, making it possible to access the contents anytime and anywhere (having a computer and internet connection). Thus, transportation, food and displacement costs are also avoided.

We at Scaffold Education believe that learning is one of the main tools for leveraging business results, even more so if you have an opportunity to bring access to more people.

How about getting to know our corporate education platform? Want to know more? Click here and contact our experts!

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